Ibrahim Maalouf - Red & Black Light - CD

18,99 €

Album by Ibrahim Maalouf in homage to the women in his family.

With François Delporte (guitar), Stéphane Galland (drums) and Eric Legnini (Fender Rhodes, piano and bass synthesizer).

Recorded in 2015 at Studio Diasporas (Ivry-sur-Seine, France) by Florent Bobet and at Studios Babel (Montreuil, France) by Vincent Joinville.

Golden disc

An ode to the woman of today and her founding and fundamental role in the hope of a better future.

Based on a more contemporary, electro, even pop aesthetic, this album is made up of my compositions as well as a cover of a modern-day diva, Beyoncé.

We wanted to create an album that is transparent, clear and accessible to everyone, on which the public can even dance or sing, but which nevertheless abounds in a multitude of unsuspected superimpositions of themes, harmonies and rhythms, which only a mathematical reading of the album could betray.

Format Box set 1 CD

Contains 1 16-page colour booklet, credits, photos and 3 postcards

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